How to score over 250 marks in JEE Main 2023 Session 2? Check list of important chapters

How to score over 250 marks in JEE Main 2023 Session 2?

Check list of important chapters

The upcoming JEE Main 2023 Session 2 exam is just around the corner, and it’s crucial to identify the most significant topics to review before the test commences on April 6th.

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The JEE Main exams are swiftly approaching, and applicants have less than a week left to prepare for this essential entrance exam. To qualify for JEE Advanced, aspiring engineering students must score between 250-360 marks. The higher the score, the better the percentile and rank, and only the most exceptional candidates will have the opportunity to vie for a spot in the highly esteemed IIT institutions.

JEE Main Exam date 2023 Important dates & Timings

A common concern among students as they prepare for JEE Main 2023 is identifying the critical topics and chapters that will help them score 250 or above. To assist candidates in achieving this objective, we have compiled some crucial tips, along with subject-wise important chapters and topics to review before the exam.


The JEE Main Physics syllabus comprises approximately 21 chapters, with some of the most significant ones including:

The JEE Main Physics syllabus includes approximately 21 chapters, with some of the most crucial ones being Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves, Rotational Motion, Electrostatics, Atoms and Nuclei, Current Electricity, and Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism. Among these, the Oscillations and Waves chapter covers the highest percentage of test questions, approximately 10 percent.

In past exams, questions from various disciplines such as electrodynamics, modern physics, optics, etc., have also been asked. Once candidates have completed studying these chapters, they can move on to easier topics like Units and Dimensions, Error Measurement, and Vectors.

To prepare for the Physics section of JEE Main, students should begin by reviewing the chapters that were most frequently asked in past papers. It’s essential to ensure that their fundamental concepts are clear for each chapter and topic. By adopting this strategy, students can cover their Physics preparation thoroughly, increasing their chances of scoring well in this section.

JEE Main 2023


The JEE Main Chemistry curriculum includes about 30 chapters that are categorized into Organic, Inorganic, and Physical Chemistry. To effectively cover the extensive syllabus, it is crucial to divide the chapters. For the upcoming JEE Main 2023 exam, there are a few essential chapters that you should prioritize:

Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, Equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics, Coordination Compounds, Chemical Thermodynamics, Transition Elements (d and f block), s-block Elements, p-block Elements, Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry, and Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen. Notably, the Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen chapter usually has the most questions in the JEE Main exam.

Once you have covered the previously mentioned chapters, it’s recommended that you move on to the following essential ones: Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen, Redox Reactions, Biomolecules, Electrochemistry, Atomic Structure, Polymers, Solid State, Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry, and Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties.

Additionally, after mastering the above chapters, you can move on to the easier but still crucial chapters, such as Hydrogen, States of Matter, Hydrocarbons, Surface Chemistry, and others.


The JEE Main Mathematics syllabus encompasses roughly 25 chapters, and it is the most crucial aspect of JEE preparation. A comprehensive review of the subject is required. For the upcoming JEE Main 2023 Math exam, the following are the most crucial chapters:

Integration, Differentiation, Probability, Three-Dimensional Geometry, Trigonometry, Vector Algebra, Conic Sections, Straight Lines, Sets, Relations and Functions, and Matrices and Determinants.

Once candidates have completed the essential chapters mentioned above, they should also cover the following: Limits and Continuity, Permutation and Combination, Quadratic Equations, Complex Numbers, Binomial Theorem, Circles, Sequences and Series, and Differential Equations.

After mastering the aforementioned chapters, candidates can shift their attention to other significant topics such as Inverse Trigonometry, Application of Derivatives, Heights and Distances, and Statistics.

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